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Meet Delores (Del) Hatfield

            Del is the founder of The Move Collaborative, a Michigan non-profit 501c3 organization.  She has been a fitness enthusiast for over twenty-five (25) years, and is a certified 200 RYT Yoga Instructor, a Michigan licensed Cosmetologist, and a Paralegal.  With a skill set in the service industry, Del is motivated to create long standing relationships that nurture and empower those around her to reach for the highest potential and the “best self” that one may become. 


           She received her Certificate as a Yoga Instructor under the direction of her mentor, Christie Cairo, and has been busy since her certification in 2018 with community outreach and private instruction. She is a member of Yoga Alliance, a nationally accredited non-profit organization that supports licensed instructors in the yoga community. She formed Anthony-Thomas Yoga, LLC d/b/a ATY, a Michigan limited liability company, which is affectionately named after her two children, Anthony and Thomas.


            Del has recently joined Howard & Howard PLLC, as a paralegal and utilizes her work life/work week as a way to support her passion for her part-time endeavor as a yoga instructor for the non-profit. During her free time, Del has spent endless hours promoting an all-inclusive and kind yoga community through multiple outlets.  She volunteers with the Harrison Township Library, Tucker Senior Center, and Mt. Clemens Library and offers free programming for basic and chair yoga to allow for everyone, especially those with limited mobility, to be a part of such a great practice.  During the COVID pandemic, she taught online and outside leading yoga to any person interested in an effort to keep those involved safe and moving. 


            Del has a passion to collaborate with those that understand the importance of exercise and diet as an integral part of living a healthy life.  She has recognized that over the years of salesmanship in the beauty industry and now the fitness industry, that there is a great need for resources that are affordable to all.  She admits that she quickly grew weary of hearing “I can’t afford a yoga class” and is now with some beautiful beings supporting her vision, making yoga along with other aspects of wellness and beauty accessible to all of those willing to work on themselves to achieve optimal health and attain his or her "best self.”

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Meet Jane Chudy

            Jane is a healthcare professional working in the field of Radiology as an Application Specialist.  She has worked in the medical field for over 19 years and loves her career.  She has her Bachelor of Radiologic Sciences Degree and is living her dream of working in her chosen profession.  She works closely with colleagues to create procedures that assist the Radiology Department in patient care.


            Before her current career, Jane was a Radiologic Technologist that cared for ill and injured patients.  Her empathetic nature was keen in understanding the needs of her patients and her drive for excellence and adaptability to work as a team allowed for Jane to provide the Physicians with high quality images to help aid in an accurate diagnosis. Jane took care of each patient as if they were her family and did her best to make everyone feel secure and comfortable with her.


            Jane strives daily to be healthy and strong.  She has made a healthy routine a priority in her and her family’s lives.  She enjoys yoga, hiking, walking, kayaking and biking.  Known among all her friends as a great supportive “cheerleader” with a desire for all those around her to enjoy a vigor driven life. She has partnered with others to make The Move Collaborative experience available to all willing to take advantage of the wonderful resources provided.  Jane is ready to be your encouragement on your journey toward optimal health and happiness!


Meet Cheryl Rose

            Cheryl is co-founder of Edison Project and principal of Edison School of Innovation, a non-profit  based out of Glendale, Arizona, seeking to improve the academic outcomes for all students, including educationally disadvantaged and high-performing students by providing high quality educational resources which emphasize knowledge-based curriculum, critical thinking and integration of science and the arts. Her background includes teaching 5th though 8th grade math, science, and language arts with exceptional results in student growth and achievement as well as elementary mathematics interventions.  Cheryl has experience as a school leader including providing professional development, facilitating professional learning communities (PLC) and staff meetings, analyzing data and building community partnerships.  She has been looked to as an educational expert in mathematics and technology and has been highly sought after as an instructional coach and professional development facilitator.  Cheryl has extensive committee and professional development leadership in mathematics, technology, curriculum-writing and teacher evaluation.


            Cheryl has successfully worked within the academic community, developing strong relationships with her peers, students and their parents since 2009.  Her leadership experience also includes serving as a Governing Board Member of Memphis Community Schools in Memphis, Michigan, where she received extensive board training and certification.  She has utilized this training to join forces with her fellow Board Members to develop The Move Collaborative, contributing her knowledge attained from her academic and administrative background.   

            With a love for the outdoors, Cheryl spends much of her time hiking and exploring the natural beauty that Arizona has to offer.  She loves living a health centered life with her family and aims to contribute her experiences of such lifestyle to our community.  Cheryl is a black belt in Karate and plans to explore ways to employ her skills through our forum along with any other ability in her wheelhouse that may be an asset to our community of movement.

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Meet Ashley Vance

            Ashley has a career as a Family Advocate that assists low income families with children during the early childhood development stage.   She currently holds a position through Macomb County Early Head Start of Macomb Health and Community Services.  Before becoming a Family Advocate she served the community as a Head Start teacher.  Ashley possesses an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.


            Paralleling with her professional degree, she is trained in Trauma Smart, a program that helps young children and the adults who care for them to calmly navigate difficult life challenges, by combining practical, hands-on tools and effective coping strategies in everyday life.  Additionally, Ashley has received training in Yoga 4 Classrooms, an evidence-based, trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness program for schools that promote social, emotional and physical health and wellness, learning readiness and a positive school climate.


            For four years, Ashley spent multiple hours volunteering in the non-profit sector for Relay For Life, a community-based fundraising event for the American Cancer Society and many other Cancer related institutions, societies and associations.  Her role in this magnificent charity encompassed organizing fundraisers and events, in which she will now utilize such knowledge in The Move Collaborative as an integral component to further advance our mission.


            Her love for working with children has been a driving force in her desire to join this endeavor as one of our Board Directors.  She looks forward to implementing a program that nurtures children and educates them in the importance of movement to cultivate a healthy lifestyle at a young age and through adulthood.  Ashley realizes the significance of providing children with the knowledge of movement and meditation as a means to calm anxiety and allow children to live as they should, in a kind and compassionate environment.  She plans to use her training as a tool to develop such ideas through our platform.


            Ashley tremendously enjoys yoga and meditation, rock climbing, hiking swimming and “Do It Yourself” (DIY) projects.  Her goal is to share her extensive knowledge base and compassionate heart with our community of movement.

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